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Dr. Amy Zidulka

Royal Roads University
Associate Professor
Victoria, BC
I teach and research in the areas of creativity and innovation, focusing both on how people innovate at work and on how educators might foster creative skills and confidence. I have worked since 2001 at Royal Roads, where I have been situated primarily in the business school but have also taught education-focused classes. In 2018, I initiated and co-led Royal Roads' first annual Design Thinking Challenge, in which teams from all over Canada participated.

I love teaching innovation processes, like design thinking, but also maintain a critical perspective. As interested as I am in creativity and innovation, I am equally interested in exploring the ways in which pursuing innovation is challenging and the good reasons for skepticism around buzzwords like innovation. I believe organizational leaders and employees can benefit enormously from developing the skills and mindsets required for innovation. However, I also have enormous respect for those who innovate in less overt ways, for example through patiently staying put in an organization and building relationships over years.