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Sanja Boskovic

Associate Dean
The Sustainable Engineer, I am not a typical engineer. Raised in Yugoslavia and educated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo, I was one of the few women practicing in engineering in my country. But that was just the beginning. I had an amazing journey through the Bosnian war, family life, graduate school, fighting cancer and finally obtaining successful career as Associate Dean at ATC - BCIT. I hold PhD in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Educational Technology Program.

I was a Department Head and the lead virtual classroom Thermodynamics and Applied Mechanics Faculty member for BCIT’s Power Engineering innovative distance education methodologies. I launched successful on site programs and ensure successful completion for all students. I have been pivotal in establishing quality instruction for different industrial clients.

I teached Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics. I was the 2011 recipient of the BCIT Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award.
In my professional carrier as an educator I have managed to incorporate new environmental technology and open education resources in every class, either participating in the research or bringing the new technology and developing open education resources to classroom and my students.