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Serhat Beyenir

Instructor, Power Engineering
Burnaby Campus, SE8 210A
I am an instructor at the Power Engineering Group of BCIT where I maintain web-based online courses and tutor distance education learners. I also teach in the Power and Process Engineering program. I am an open source software (OSS) advocate and open textbook proponent: I began using OSS in 2001. Since then I have promoted Linux-variant operating systems, built content and learning management systems using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Moodle, and gave OSS related presentations. As a graduate student at Athabasca University, I spent considerable time learning about open textbooks in my coursework and research assignments. Receiving a Master of Education degree in 2011, I authored an open textbook utilizing the Connexions platform and I have been distributing my book free of charge to Power Engineering students since October 2011.
Open educational resources
Inverted classroom
Web-based distance education
Training engineers with computer simulators